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Random Musing: But I'm Chris Jericho

Over years I've grown particularly fond of dry and surreal Canadian humor, there is really nothing quite like it on the planet and it has to be experienced first hand. I dig dry surrealist humor in general, with obvious examples like Seinfeld and Arrested Development (ignoring the recent season that is), and in my childhood Nickelodeon had this cult classic series called The Adventures of Pete and Pete.  There is a certain bizarre eeriness to that brand of humor, with the writing being so smart, subtle, and very witty. Canadians pull this off in such a cool and unique way, the best example being Corner Gas.

While the web-series I'm going to talk about now isn't exactly one of the all time greats, not close, but it's still a very cool and fun show that I find enjoyable enough to tune in every week. Plus it's legally free and on the web, so where's the harm? Wait did you say time? Well, ten minutes of clever humor a week doesn't sound too taxing now does it?

But I'm Chris Jericho is an on-going web-series which based on the semi-retired WWE wrestler of the same name. Chris Jericho is one of the most decorated performers in the history of pro-wrestling, in fact he and Shawn Michaels were responsible for working my single absolute favorite wrestling match at Wrestlemania XIX. He is also the lead singer of a band called Fozzy, which all things considered, is a pretty decent rock act who are quite humble about their place in the rock music industry. Now he is pursuing acting, in a web-series that is about him trying to be an actor, in what is an offbeat fictional look at Chris Jericho, who is playing the role of...Chris Jericho. Confused? That's part of the appeal!

The web-series follows the life of Chris Jericho after falling from grace and starting over as an actor, you witness his many ups and downs (mostly downs) as he struggles to break into the acting profession. He is also joined by his nutcase friends who make his already difficult life more... interesting. The show has a cool unscripted reality feel to it, and the dry and amusingly dark humor shines well. It's fun to watch, as Jericho really plays the part like a true champion and the supporting cast click with him so well. It even has cameos from well-known Canadian comedians. The bite-sized episode format works in the favor of the show, as it leaves you wanting more rather than most web-series which tend to drag on and outstay their welcome.

If you're a fan of Chris Jericho, or enjoy a smart and bizarre sense of humor, But I'm Chris Jericho is worth checking out for sure. As a fan, I'm glad to see Jericho do well for himself outside of wrestling, expanding his options in other areas of entertainment. He did well in music, and now he's doing some cool stuff as an actor.

Check out the official site for But I'm Chris Jericho below, where you can watch the show (for free!) and other cool bonus videos. 

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