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Random Musing: Wind's Nocturne (Lunar: Silver Star Story)

At the moment Animal Crossing: New Leaf has taken over my gaming time (and life in general actually....) but I'm still setting aside a couple of hours each night for Lunar: Silver Star Story. I'm only five hours in but what an incredible game so far. Already I can see the distinguished genius of the late great Takeshi Miyaji shine profoundly in this game. He really had this exceptional knack to storytelling and presentation, and his game design philosophy perfectly complements his storytelling and character development approach. 

Takeshi Miyaji was truly one of a kind, a man who will always be missed, because when you play games like Lunar or the excellent Grandia, you immediately realize just how special his style of RPGs are. It is also saddening that there may never ever be RPGs like Lunar and Grandia again. He tragically left us at a very young age, but his standout creativity and genius will always be immortalized and appreciated in the body of superb work he left behind.

Lunar: Silver Star Story is a beautiful game, it immediately sinks you into its world and gets you emotionally invested in its charming cast of characters. It's all presented in a masterful manner too as everything is timed perfectly, selling the emotion of the moment convincingly. 

This particular moment almost moved me to tears. A beautiful and emotional song on its own, but even more meaningful in context. This moment made me feel grateful for being able to play Lunar.

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