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Reflections: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs 2012

. WWE wraps up their pay-per-view calendar with TLC 2012, and while most of the hype and buildup at the moment seems to be focused on The Rock and his WWE title match at Royal Rumble 2013 next month, TLC 2012 was one hell of a way to wrap up the year even without the presence of the currently injured WWE Champion, CM Punk. There were many great matches in 2012, but in terms of consistent PPV quality, WWE has been very hit/miss. Extreme Rules 2012 was as perfect a wrestling event you could ask for, it was perfectly booked and worked, no other event came remotely close to it, that is until TLC 2012.

TLC 2012 had a well planned match card, none of the unannounced bonus match nonsense (well there was one, but even that had a little buildup during the show). The under-card was nothing great, but not terrible either. The tables match between SinSterio and Rhodes Scholars was a bit sloppy and awkward but had a cool finish. The Intercontinental Championship match between Kofi Kingston and Wade Barret was much better than I thought it would be, it kicked off in full gear right from the start and never took a break. It was well paced back and forth contest that ended on an epic counter finish.

The three main events were amazing, each easily a match of the year contender. What they each did was offer moments and spots that you may have never seen in WWE before. The chaotic six man tag-team that was contested under TLC rules was sheer brutality, with all six men getting solid ring time to showcase their prowess. The new heel faction, The Shield, truly impressed in their debut match with their mature in-ring psychology. Some crazy bumps were taken here, and it was just a very fun and frantic match. Big Show and Sheamus once again put on a classic, this time with added brutality of chairs, and in particular the Big Show Chair which must be seen to be believed. 

Finally, the ladder match between Ziggler and John Cena was everything I had dreamed it would be and more. This one had an epic and atmospheric big-fight feel with a red hot crowd, almost akin to the epic extreme counter between John Cena and Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules 2012. Ziggler and Cena put on an instant classic for sure, with both men pulling off their impressive repertoire in ways we have never seen before. The match had a controversy element, but it didn't matter, because Ziggler walked out of the match as a solidified main event star. This was his long overdue shot at a main event PPV match, and he delivered in a manner that will surely guarantee his spot as one of the top stars of wrestling for years and even decades to come.

Great pay-per-view to wrap up a very interesting and unpredictable year. Easily the second best of the year after Extreme Rules 2012

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