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Random Musing: Deja Vu (Bastion)

Banter as a prelude to the actual purpose of this post:

Fans, whether they are fans of video games, anime, or certain aspects of pop culture, can be very awful people to deal with. I tend to usually avoid gaming, anime, and other nerdy niche conventions simply because I cannot get along with It's very hypocritical and ironic coming from someone who is so passionate about the numerous mediums covered in this blog, but I like to think I'm a much different kind of fan. 

The problem I have with these fans is that they're without a doubt the most self-indulgent and over-compensating narcissists you'll ever meet, using their fandom as an ego-boost of sorts (I still can't fathom how being a fan of something gives someone the right to brag about themselves and ridicule others). They also ruin the very thing they proclaim to adore, with atrocious works of fan-fiction and fan-art drawn in absolute poor taste.

Alright I'm making a poor and unfair generalization here, because some fans are actually pretty awesome, simply because they genuinely appreciate what they love and are truly inspired by it. With that inspiration, they pay tribute to honor it (whatever it is that they admire), unlike most fans who use their fandom to blow their own horn. These awesome fans use the inspiration to do some very cool things. For me personally, my undying appreciation for the Sonic the Hedgehog series inspired me to write one of my best reviews, but that's not important right now, what's important is this amazing song I happened to stumble across, an original fan-made song inspired by a little indie title called Bastion.

Bastion was perhaps one of the biggest releases on Xbox Live Arcade (it's made its way on other platforms since). It won many people over because of its gorgeous art direction, engaging story and narration, and above all the soundtrack, as that alone made it worth the price of admission for many people. I never got to play the complete game (that will change soon), my experience is limited to the demo but I could immediately sense how standout its narration and musical style were. I've had the pleasure of listening to Bastion's rich and amazing soundtrack, and it's not hard to see why it blew away so many gamers. My friend who reviewed the game for his site gave it his first and only perfect score of 10/10, calling it one of the most enriching experiences he's ever had as a gamer, and it's clearly enthralled others the same way. 

Start reading here for the actual purpose of this post:

This long winded introduction finally brings me to the whole purpose of this post, which to give a shout out to very cool individual who likes to go by the name Wilson. This man loved Bastion, and he was clearly inspired and enthralled by the experience, so much so that he would compose this really amazing song on his own, taking over both vocal and instrumental duties. Lyrically sincere and meaningful, and backed by some magical guitar-work and a cool vocal performance. I think it's a really good track, especially considering that I haven't even played the complete game yet. I'm sure fans will find this song to be a thought provoking reflection of the experience that the game provided, well at least that's what I sensed from it.

The full song is embedded below for your listening pleasure.

I believe I now have enough motivation to purchase the game and set aside some time for it. Wilson, fans like you make me proud to be a gamer, thank you.

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