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Random Musing: Black Sabbath 'God is Dead'

So this piece of music news has been floating around for a few days now, which pretty much adds a lot of information to what little we knew about the upcoming Black Sabbath studio album. So the album is coming out early 2013 (some sources even suggesting a January release date), will feature 12 songs on the disc (with 3 additional songs released in special editions), and above all one of the song titles has been revealed, God is Dead.

Pretty strong title there, but not uncommon in the metal genre, one could list numerous bands from metal and its many sub-genres that create music with a strong anti-religious message. Just that song title alone is enough to turn some heads and create 'controversy' in the mass uninformed media. Knowing Black Sabbath though, I highly doubt that the lyrical content of the song will resemble the message that the song title seems to so strongly imply.

This is just a prediction, and I could very well be wrong here, but from what I know about Black Sabbath, this song is going to be anything but anti-religious. If anything, I have a feeling that it will be a social commentary, perhaps shedding light on the current state, presence, and influence of world religions on our modern society and world.

If you listen to classic Black Sabbath albums like Paranoid and Master of Reality, those albums featured songs that offered a dark and critical perspective of the prevailing world and society, touching on very topical and controversial issues. As stoned and drunk as they were, the men who made up Black Sabbath were actually fairly deep and insightful individuals, in particular Geezer Butler, who would pen the more interesting lyrics for the band. I wouldn't be surprised if he wrote some interesting philosophical lyrics for the new album.

The problem I have with a song title like God is Dead, is that it is too self-conscious and self-aware, almost as if it is blatantly trying to make a statement and prove a point. Not surprising since the band members have now crossed the age of 60, and have reached a point in their lives where they are far more wiser and reflective, not to mention more aware of what's going on given that they are all now clean, sober, and health conscious.

The Black Sabbath that existed during the 70s, the young band that was drunk, stoned, and high out of their minds, with a fuzzy and distorted state of mind that would inspire them to write songs like Fairies Wear Boots, is no more. So if God is Dead is any indication, we will see a much different Black Sabbath in 2013, one that is all grown up. 

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